Usb drive cannot format mac

Every computer has an inbuilt mode of scanning any USB drive attached to it.

Find The Disk Device File Associated With The Drive

You can use this method to find out any error in the connection or the device. This will scan and show you the results for any issues with your USB device. You can further troubleshoot the issues or use any third party element to fix them. This will reformat your flash drive and it will fix the flash drive not recognized issue. In case this method fails to fix the error, then follow the next method. To update the driver, you have to go to the device manager window. Do keep in mind you have the administrator rights to use and change the system settings.

This step will update your driver software and fix the Flash Drive not recognized problem in the computer. If you are a Mac user and facing the same issue with your system, here are some methods to eliminate it.

Can't Format USB Drives

I will take you through 3 methods to troubleshoot and fix the Flash Drive Not Recognized problem. Many a times, connecting USB flash drive manually will fix the issue. This method solves the issue after the drive is formatted and reconnected to the system. In order to do that, here are the steps;. This will resolve your issue and now you can reconnect the flash drive to your computer and start using it.

Now, your flash drive will be free from errors and use the drive. As said earlier, fixing these issues or formatting the flash drive will result in deletion of all the files in that drive.


Nov 30, PM in response to m0thr4 In response to m0thr4. There's a much simpler solution. By default Disk Utility shows only volumes. Apparently this is a volume and can't be erased due to unsupported partitioning scheme. So, from the View menu choose "Show All Devices" and then you will be able to see the actual USB device that holds this volume and erase it.

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How to Format Your USB Flash Drive to exFAT?

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That makes using the drive a bit troublesome on Mac machines. Like I said, if you want to use the device for both a PC and Mac, you should consider reformatting it to exFAT once you figure out the drive isn't with another file system. Hope the above guide is helpful to you. Once again, as a kind warning: formatting a flash drive will likely erase all files and data stored in the device, it's important to ensure you have made at least one copy of the data before you get started. Influenced by the startup culture in the Silicon Valley, Jessica loves building things from zero to one and is keen on following news related to the Big Five tech giants and many SaaS startups.

Mine can only be formatted in NTFS. Thank you Jessica for the informative article.

How to Erase and Format a USB Drive on Your Mac

The article was easy to read and understand. The screen shots also helped. I sent my mother to your article since she is new to Mac OS.

Good job once again, and keep informing us Novices. I have reformatted a Sandisk usb 2. I have a Mac I exported a screenflick movie to it. Afterwards the usb stick is not recognized by the mac. Now what? With the latest High Sierra on mac the ex-fat files system is not recognised on many devices, have had to return to fat 32 to use my memory sticks. Also files sizes over 2gb are also rejected. Last update: March 28, Compatible with Windows? Pro tip : Chances are that you may encounter some issues formatting a flash drive on a PC or the disk is malfunctioning.

Jessica Carrell.

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  • Thanks for the step-by-step. Worked just as you said! Very smart!!