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Alt-tabbing in and back out fixed it for me, although I'd think you would have tried that by now.

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Worth a shot if you haven't. Tried that, unfortunately no improvement. Thanks for the advice though. Yea, same here. Ran the benchmarks and averaging I dunno what the hell is going on. Turn off vsync and run it in a window. Download AutoHotKey and get a script to make the window borderless as well.

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Running in a window made it worse. What does running it in a borderless window do to help performance? All macppl I know get mad if I call it a PC. Some ppl said it happened to them in 2k12 aswell. Ive logged over hours of 2k12 on two different systems, one crappy, one good. On the crappy duo-core with a GTS, it rab slowly all the time, but occasionally was even slower close to 20ish FPS. My current i with a GTX runs it at max in x with a 70 fps minimum, no slowdowns at all. Like I said, this was 2k12, but I logged about the same amount of time on both systems, and I had no problems at all with my higher end system.

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Ha, in my experience the "Mac" thing applies to the people I know who don't really know computers, and then professionals who work in graphics design. Software engineers myself included generally don't care what you call them, all that matters is that it gets the job done. Cake Day. Hope you guys enjoy this multiplayer gameplay!

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