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Bummer, but hey, its free. Very user friendly. Very cool. Simple, but good on the road if you have a laptop or if you don't want to shell out the bucks for a MIDI keyboard. It can watch both incoming and outgoing MIDI streams, and can filter them by message type and channel. Good for seeing what's really going on.

Great when building new instruments that use MIDI for the interface as does my current project. Very handy for when you don't want to fire up a full fledged sequencer just to hear a MIDI file played with something other than quicktime instruments. Was useful when I accidentally replaced the user bank on my Nanosynth with a bunch of garbage patches and needed to reload it!

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Wiretap - record all sound coming out of your audio card - before it becomes analog! Good for mixing down with programs like Rax or recording internet streams - just make sure you don't let your iChat or something else beep while you are recording.

Old OS Overview - Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"

The hard part is then syncing the mixed down audio back up in your sequencer if you want to do this. But the need for this is now negated by the extraordinary 'Jack Tools' see above and a bit of audio routing savvy. The new version on Wiretap is not free, but basic features can be used for free, I think.

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Also you may be able to find the old free version somewhere. Site Down. Audio In - Simple but good line-in audio recorder with realtime waveform display and timer recording. Largely stable. RAX - Awesome Audiounit instrument host. Each window has one Audiounit synth with its own MIDI configuration and as many Audiounit effects as your mac can handle.

Note: The new version of Rax is much improved, but is no longer free. One can download some of the instruments and effects I have created in the form of Bidule Groups here, at my Downloads page. Simplesynth - simple 16 channel soundfont synth - uses built-in Quicktime sounds. Great noisy and grungy sounds as well as nice sounds. Randomize feature. Automat is a sweet, deep but intuitive subtractive synthesizer. The first time I played with it I got some nice sounds out.

BetaBugs - some neat little effects with nice smooth GUIs. Chorus, filters, etc. This guy is awesome! Sonik Synth 2 - Free version of IK Multimedia's new synth-workstation sampler - the electronic sister of sampletank. Otherwise similar to Sampletank Free 2. Limited to one instance per session in host software. Sampletank 2 Free - A free, limited version of sampletank 2 with a few instruments updated monthly. Sound selection is not very extensive, but includes a piano, B3, bass, drum kit and some others. Audiofield Wavebreaker - Chebyshev polynomial plugin for some good crazy waveshaping distortion.

Very very nice compressor! Some great stuff! Also available as VST plugins, see below. Some other goodies as well.

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Definitely check this site out. Green Oak Crystal - Crystal is a monster of a synth - commercial quality for free. But it is really CPU intense. Thanks to Logic's freeze feature one can now use it nicely. Expert Sleepers - a good basic sampler, some delays, and more including a latency reporting plug that lets you correct for latent plugins or other routing delays.

Plugsound Free - A 'sample sampler' from the massive plugsound collection. Has about 20 high quality instrument samples loaded in. Audiounit Manager - Allows you to keep different sets of active audiounits for use in different software. Useful for when Final Cut Pro or other software does not like certain Audiounits.

Author claims not to know why he designated these plugs as llamas. That is certainly not a llama in the picture You should have it if you download my Plogue Bidule layouts Time marches on.

TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

Also other nice VST effects like chorus etc. See above in Pro Tools Section for more info. Free Plugins [and other stuff] for Pro Tools Digidesign Coreaudio Driver 6. Still no sleep support or lower latency for the Mbox, but much better than previous pre If you are still using the coreaudio drivers from version 6. Digidesign gives away free Bombfactory plugins - a classic compressor, tuner, de-clipper, bad gear simulator, level meters and stereo correlation meter.

The 'Bomb Factory Essentials' aren't actually that essential - but they are free now. The vintage compressor is very nice, but what the hell is the clip remover supposed to do? Oh well. Sound selection is not yet very extensive however. Can generate some cool wah-wah, EQ, distortion and delay effects. It is simple, but I find it very fun.

Useful for Pluggo as a way to group all your pluggo plugs together, separate from other plugs. Create separate categories for true RTAS plugs. Slows down Pro Tools startup a little, but causes no other problems in my experience. Now obsoleted in Pro Tools 6. Downside is you can't customize the decisions Pro Tools makes about where to put stuff You will want to visit this site to get an OS X installer package that does the dirty work for you. Can run as a native Jack Client. Unfortunately it has latency and stability issues, probably because it is written in Java.

Plogue Bidule - Awesome! Have fun just using it as a VST and Audiounit host , or take it into high gear creating your own realtime synths, audio processors or interactive compositions. It has MIDI, audio , sequencers, sync, spectral features, and is infinitely expandable. I use this software very often for studio work and a little for performance. Bidule can act as a Rewire slave to a sequencer!

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Works well with Pro Tools. You can download some of the instruments and effects I have created in the form of Bidule Groups here, at my Downloads page. I desire to learn Csound now! SuperCollider - A legend in crazy audio software. A line-by-line audio language for synthesis and DSP. May take some time to learn.

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Get the newest versions, including a Universal Binary, from Wesleyan University. Ok, I give up. Check out the Max Objects Database. Sonasphere - A crazy sampling sequencer built on the concept of sound objects floating in 3D space and being connected with flexible tethers etc.

Actually shows a realtime 3D environment where objects are bouncing around. Uses Audiounit effects and plans are in the works to include audiounit synths as well. Come armed with a fast mac. Updated to 1. This is one to read the documentation on I think. Hydrogen - Jack native drum machine software ported from Linux. Requires Jack OS X 0. Designed to play a drumbeat that never repeats itself exactly, but maintains the same feel. Rewire or standalone compatible. Can be used as sampler or just MIDI generator.

Setup is extensive and I haven't figured out how to get it to re-connect to samples on loading saved setups, but promising and a really neat and important idea. Hyperupic - Make a drawing, turn it into a piece of music! When photoshop is your composing tool you know it will get interesting. This software was inspired by the Upic system envisioned by the famous Iannis Xenakis.