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I want to be a magical artist Using the world's sounds and colors as ingredients. The more I think about myself, the more I pity myself. All of a sudden I feel pain for my sorry lot! Sitting here I think about my poor self.

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Tu Xuong. For perpetuity will it be so,. Le At the beginning of the 20th century, contact with the Western world, and the adoption of the Romanized national writing system chu quoc ngu brought about the unsettling and collapse of the solid cultural, social and literary traditions of our country. Everyday life as it impinged on outward manifestations, emotional responses and inner thought processes underwent a radical transformation among the population.

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Writers and poets suddenly realized they had to break free from the narrow Confucian tenet of "literature as a vehicle of virtue," and from the rigid demanding rules of prosody, especially those of the Duong model, to allow the flowering of vitality, authenticity, and richness in inspiration and expression. This realization is at the root of the new movement in poetry.

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Contemporaries quickly called it "new poetry" for its non-observance of any known existing rules of versification. A number of scholars took advantage of the new script to produce poems exhibiting tendencies of resistance against colonial tyranny, as demonstrated in works t hat ridiculed human foibles and social ills, or those that reminded the people of the current tragedy facing their country. Tan Da utilized the voice of Miss Chu Kieu Oanh, a character in the poem A Small Dream, to publicize and foster the development of the new genre of commentary on current events.

A male citizen is not just a private individual; he also belongs to the four-thousand-year-old Hong Lac nation, now under a fifty-year rule by the protectorate authorities 1 , to a society with 25 million people and a country of thousand square ly leagues. Poets should not engage in politics, instead should concentrate on cultural and educational issues only. Pressure from the colonial government succeeded gradually in driving these satirical and political trends underground.

Notes: a Nu Oa, younger sister of an ancient king in China, who fabricated variegated stones to repair the heavens. This alludes to a person with great vision and an achiever of grand projects. The phrase cong da trang da trang's labor thus designates a useless, thankless task that can never be accomplished. Some species of fiddler crabs live on sandy beaches that are somewhat protected from extreme wave action. Others live in muddy marshes and estuaries. The Uca species living on sandy beaches, such as the common Atlantic fiddler, U.

The sand is carried to the surface by specialized legs of the crab, and pushed away from the entrance. Fiddler crabs are poor swimmers and rarely enter the water during their adult lives. During the spring and summer, the fiddlers remain in their burrows only during high tide periods. The entrances of the burrows are covered with sand, and the burrows contain a bubble of air, which the crabs use for respiration.

When the tide ebbs, the fiddlers emerge and scurry about, collecting food in the drift lines left by the ebbing water. Both claws of the female and the smaller claw of the male are used to scoop up sand and pass the grains to the mouthparts. Certain specialized appendages the first and second maxillipeds have spoon-shaped setae, used to scour organic matter from the sand grains and pass it to the mouth.

The sand grains are then rejected in the form of small sand balls. After mating, the female fiddler crab carries the fertilized eggs under her flexed abdomen. In this poem, he split the term and had one part of the "nation" talking to the other. There is an oath between the waters and the mountains.

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The waters keep flowing away from the mountains. Remember the oath.

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The waters have not returned, the mountains still keep waiting. Only two literary trends were deliberately condoned or encouraged by the colonial authorities: The ethical strain was apolitical, and purely cultural and educational.

Poets concerned themselves with historical narratives and commentaries as well as with children's education. Nguyen Trong Thuat wrote fables to teach morals to children, impart a sense of national pride in their history, and preserve the dignity of the individual. The romantic strain given to sentimentality of all kinds laments the human condition in the face of fate, the Vietnamese people under tyranny and exploitation, and the country being trampled upon by foreign invaders. An overarching melancholy permeates the poets' consciousness and their works.

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I t was not until that Phan Khoi really initiated the New Poetry movement with his publication in the Modern Woman of a poem titled, Elderly Love. Other magazines such as South Wind and Culture followed suit to foster the movement. In the period , poets from the Tu Luc Van Doan The Self-Reliants group added criticism and theoretical discussion of the new literary trend. Seeing that their rear-guard action became ineffectual, the "Ancients" began to change their tune, "There is no such thing as old or new poetry; there is only good or bad poetry.

Ten years later, in , in his volume on Vietnamese Poets Hoai Thanh showcased 40 of the most outstanding poets since From this moment on the new poetry and the new poets had become part of the history of Vietnamese literature. An issue of the journal Culture Phong Hoa of March loudly proclaimed, "Our poetry must be modern, modern in form, and modern in substance. In form new poetry differs from old poetry. Old poetry follows fixed patterns whereas new poetry is completely free: each poem may contain any number of verses, any number of stanzas, with each stanza containing any number of words.

The sun was red, so why was the garden pale still? Why waver to see the dream of union fall through? Xuan Dieu Ta. Xuan Dieu Though the new poetic paradigm drops most of the old rules, it still retains certain rhyme patterns to make it more enduring. In a discussion of rhyming patterns in the new poetry, Hoai Thanh noticed a tone alternation phenomenon that occurs very naturally in Vietnamese poems and cuts across all genres. He said, " Poets of the new school also selected each word carefully for its ability to express their feelings most accurately, and its capacity to mirror faithfully the deepest stirrings of their soul.

The language that appeared in the new poetry could have seemed irrational to readers of the period In modern times, however, the mixing of disparate objects and emotions gives rise to a rich creative imagery. They do not spring from comparison, but from a juxtaposition of two unrelated realities. The more distant and genuine their relationship is, the stronger the imagery is, and the more it is endowed with emotive power and poetic reality. Modern in Substance. As Paul Mus observed, "From Vietnam's inception, the main theme of its historical issues seems to reside precisely in the spirit of resistance that paradoxically unites astonishing capacities to assimilate and an unyielding national will in the face of defeats, dismemberments, and conquests.

At that time the new generations of educated men and women were fired up and encouraged by the return on 8 September of Bao Dai, a young French-educated king who had married Nguyen Thi Lan, who was also young and French-educated. She was a Catholic from a wealthy family in the South. On 10 September , the king announced that "from now on I will reign with the cooperation of the people, in a constitutional monarchy, and will introduce necessary reforms in the civil service, education, and the judicial system. Unfortunately, about four months later in November, Ngo Dinh Diem resigned citing "the French insistence on holding all powers to govern Vietnam directly.

Because of the French's intentions, all reform efforts were stymied, and the king was relegated to a ceremonial role only. The French heavy-handed crushing of revolts caused anguish, fear, despair and suspicion among the population. As part of their pacification strategy, the French promoted the Live Happy, Live Young movement mentioned above, to encourage the young generations to party, and enjoy life, thereby deflecting their attention away from the spirit of national resistance, and to clamp down on current-events literary creations with heavy censorship.

All the hopes pinned on the young king had vanished into thin air. Vietnamese could express their feelings of despair and anger only through veiled allusions and melancholic writings. Che Lan Vien The bleak political situation paved the way for romanticism, which was the only escape hatch for poets and writers of the days.