Mac mail keeps asking for password mavericks

We believe it to be a permissions issue so when you are trying to trash a file the permissions to do so are not being carried over so its prompting authentication. When the two accounts merged, I kept getting a pop up requesting for password everything I had to rename, move or delete any file.

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So glad you are smart and adding value to my experience. You put a smile on my face. I sued method two! It worked! Starting to drive me nutty with having to type in password when deleting stuff. My computer was a piece of crap, with near files not deleted and not at the trash, not anywhere; leaving me with 2gb of free space at the disk. Method 1 worked fine!

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Thank you so very much!! Method 2 worked like a breeze… I have been frustrated trying to fix this problem. You are a genius… Keep up the good work and a big Thank you…. I like this better than essay type blogspotters. More direct and objective. Less jargon.

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Thank you again David! Thanks a lot. You are awesome!! I have been dealing with this for about a year and a half! I have a folder on my desktop, that was my Fake Trash! Method 2 was SO easy!! Go forth, my man, and know that you have done great good in this world.

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You, Sir, are a God amongst men. Method 2 just helped me too. Am thrilled…. Click here to cancel reply. Email optional. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Twitter rss.

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Home Downloads Contact Us. Problem When dragging files to the trash you are prompted for a password Cause Sometimes when moving files or folder the permission are not carried over. Solution You will need to re-take ownership of the trash folder. Trash You will need to enter your password and press Enter. If you do not have a password then set one first. Trash Method 2 Check your permisions are correct on your user files. John November 19, at James December 12, at Scott January 4, at Anonymous January 16, at Rob January 20, at Adam January 28, at PJ January 29, at TStar February 2, at Anonymous February 15, at Daniel February 18, at Alex February 21, at Rex February 25, at Aki March 6, at Travis March 7, at Joshua March 15, at Steve T March 25, at Once again thank you.

Adam Green April 29, at Lucas April 12, at Jeremiah April 14, at Laurie Acreman April 22, at Bob April 25, at Anonymous April 29, at Oskar April 30, at Method 2 worked for me. Anyways, thanks for the help.. NotsoGeekish May 3, at Anonymous May 4, at Michael Moonbird May 7, at Anonymous May 15, at Costi May 22, at Bo May 27, at Anonymous June 2, at I spent hours trying to get this fixed and method 2 was the only one that worked.

Anonymous June 10, at Renata Ueno June 11, at Jared June 11, at June 28, at Gilbert Van Kerckhove June 29, at Great help! Jason July 2, at Dennis Chrysolyte July 6, at Ben July 8, at This works great, thank you for explaining it clearly. I was bout to go through this process to fix this issue for a second time. Migtwitz July 12, at Amy July 19, at Trash: File exists So the file already exists but is telling me I have an illegal user name and is still requiring me to enter a password to place items in the trash… Thoughts? Any help is appreciated, our IT guy is out of the office!

DFT8 July 21, at GARY August 7, at Yep method 2 So easy DUhhhhh its amazing how long i was messing with that shi,.. Rui August 12, at Carlo August 26, at PC August 29, at John Baryn August 30, at Veronica September 5, at DR September 9, at Fergus September 10, at Michelle September 11, at Meg September 19, at Chris September 26, at Hertzog October 10, at Jaisz October 11, at Josh October 18, at LC October 30, at James November 5, at Old User November 7, at Anonymous November 8, at Misc November 11, at Simon November 12, at WhodoeS December 4, at Steve December 7, at Itzman December 19, at You should ad a donation link or something!

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This is worth alots! Mary Ann December 20, at Caroline December 25, at Short and sweet!

Method one works at first try! GoGas January 6, at KevNYC January 10, at Thank you very much! None of the apple forums had this fix so far as I could tell! Todd January 25, at Christine February 19, at Peter Lum March 3, at However, I threw caution to the air and tried Method Two, and it worked! G April 3, at Chase April 8, at Brad April 10, at Soteris April 17, at Anonymous May 17, at Kat June 3, at Jonathan Brasseur June 3, at Hi Kat, We believe it to be a permissions issue so when you are trying to trash a file the permissions to do so are not being carried over so its prompting authentication.

Muhammad Saad June 6, at ZOMG June 11, at KK July 14, at Anonymous August 4, at Howard August 6, at Brooks August 16, at Is this something I should report as a bug to Apple, or is it something tied to the bluewin servers? Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

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Did you mean:. The questioner has marked this post as solved. August Hi, I am testing OS X Anyone else with similar problems? Accepted Solutions. September Sorry blush.

see url Super User. Verify the user name which should afaik the mail address.

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