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For me the comments may be even more helpful…. Is there any way to create a 2-way interactive process or thread? I have the following: How do I know if it needs a response? Which thread should I watch? Maybe use: How to run this coding in xml, bacauce i want to create web page that can execute this code. Anybody can give idea about this. If I try to run it from Eclipse, it executes well. If I generate a fat jar from it, and start it from the DOS window, it hangs forever. You can use runas command to run the command prompt as administrator but you need to specify password after run the command:.

Hi Linglom, I went into your program and i tried to relate this with my program.

I want to run a simple script contains some code which is in text file and execute the output of that text in Java or any other language. How can i do that? Now I want a java program to achieve the same thing by invoking this shell script. I wrote a java progr but this is the outpput that I recieve:. Simply apply code from the post.

I need to run a sas program from java. I need to run a fortran program from java in linux. I have 2 files in the same folder: Then a open a terminal in the same folder and give in the path of the executable from the program and the name of the executable and finally the filename: Can anyone give me some advices?

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Beginner in Java here too.. I want to create a class to call xjc to create classes from xml documents. I created a CallXJC class, which essentialy just executes xjc. The problem is of course that I want it every time to call xjc on xml documents from inside another class. How can I pass file names as an argument? For that am trying to open the command prompt of my machine using Runtime.

My command prompt is opening out and the command that am giving as input is also fetched over there.. I am using InputStreamReader to read the content displayed in the cmd prompt. I have tried to write it in a seperate file using FileWriter. Even that doesnt works. Can anyone please make it out wats the problem with it???? The overall process involved is i need open an. Also, how can i show the cmd window, to show that the application is being called.. Thanks for this really helpful post.

My question may not be directly related — but does anyone know how I can launch an external program to debug my Java code in Netbeans? I have a requirement of scanning a file for virus using Java and get the result whether file is affected or not. Using your article we can invoke antivirus tool using Java but to get the result of scan what can be done? Thanks for the code, it is very helpful. I need the output to appear in text file not on the CMD. I will describe the case in details:. I have a program called dlv. I run it from command prompt as follows: Actung, ich habe ein frage. How can i execute a process from within a java Applet not a java Program??

Hi linglom, I am struggling with an issue. I have a java program compiled as several. I need to run it on a windows server so it runs continually polling a given directory for huge xml files and then splits them into smaller xml files. The java program works correctly and has been running for a few years.

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Now I need to invoke it from inside a java program that runs in a websphere server so when it is invoked it runs forever polling for files and then splitting them. Here is how the original splitter is invoked from a windows command prompt some parameters are passed to it: Now to invoke it from java code running in a websphere server, I use Runtime.

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  • And it results in a process by name javaw. Is there a way I can make it show up as a task with a different name in the task manager?

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    The reason I want a different name is I need to run multiple splitter programs each polling a different directory, but all of them show up as several javaw. Please suggest. Thank you. Disky, it sounds like you should just update your originally program to poll an array of directories, rather than running multiple instances. This would be much more efficient and have a lot less overhead, why have multiple instances running when you can just have one?

    Hello, I need assistance with being able to run a command prompt through java. I have been working on it for the longest time and I am now stuck. As in: I have Runtime. This application internally invokes Microsoft Visio.

    I need to run this application using a particular user. Then exception is thrown when flush is called. Please help me in this, it has bugged me since very long now. Hi All, I have created a filebrowser using Jfilechooser and get the selected file in a variable filex and the other button variable filey i have a windows script c: Hi Sripal, Sorry for my delayed response.. What exception are you getting? Did you try running the same using cmd prompt? What exactly your script except as parameter? Absolute file path?

    Place your code for analysis.. Hi i want to read last lines from log file using unix command from java program. If you want to also run asynchronously, read the process output, be able to abort it you can read it at my post at: Now through Runtime.

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    This unfortunately is not working. Any resolution for this. I have a java application, a requirement is such that when the user clicks a button it should open the notepad run an executable say notepad. If i run my application locally and try connect to localhost , click the button it works.

    How to execute shell command from Java

    What is the approach that needs to be taken for this. You could setup ssh server on Windows and execute command from the Linux server through that service. Or try Winexe. But I hope that it may get some idea for you to apply them to your situation. I am trying to insert custom event using New Relic Insights through java program.

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